Personal Injury Claims

We have extensive experience in assisting settlement or litigation of personal injury claims. Types of claims that we can assist in include but are not limited to; abuse claims, accident/incident claims, dependency and wrongful death claims, injuries from dust and diseases, medical negligence claims, motor accident claims, and WorkCover claims. We can assist the legal team through:
  • Identification of documents necessary to assess claims
  • Identification and calculation of past and future economic loss
  • Multiple scenario approach to calculating loss or damages
  • Quantification of earning capacity, superannuation, and any needs created by the injury
  • Use of industry benchmarks and statistical data to determine the appropriate rate at which to value elements of the claim
  • Working with the legal team in preparation for settlement conferences or trial
  • Single, and shadow, expert reports
  • Attendance at mediation and settlement conferences
  • Attendance at trial to provide expert evidence

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.